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Concrete element industry

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Versatile transport solutions for the concrete industry

With their in-depth industry knowledge, Movella has developed versatile transport solutions for large and cumbersome concrete elements. U-loaders and platforms are particularly effective for this kind of application.
Efficient logistic solutions for the concrete industry

Efficient logistic solutions for the concrete industry

Concrete elements come in different sizes and formats. therefore, it can be challenging to find the right combination of equipment for the most efficient transport. In this matter Movella has developed several products ideal for the concrete industry.


An ideal solution

The U-Loader from Movella is the ideal machine for transporting concrete walls. This product makes it possible to transport several concrete walls at once, with all loading and unloading done by remote control from the cabin. With the U-Loader you optimize both the operation, safety and ergonomics.

  • Lifting capacity up to 36 tonnes.
  • Cameras, remote control and automatic aligning.
  • Both hydraulic lifting and support function.

Optimize your internal logistics with Movella

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Translifter - NT-series

Translifter – NT-series

A robust and simple one-bogie translifters with a capacity from 6 to 50 tons.  The typical applications are heavy engineering workshops, concrete element factories, paint shops, steel wholesale and other industries, where the cargo is too big to be handled by a forklift alone.

The translifter can be operated by a forklift, terminal tractor or a wheel loader.



The A- and U-trestles from Movella are the simplest load platforms when handling beams and other self-supporting cargo with a translifter.

These trestles are strong and safe to use with nearly any maintenance.

Road transport trestle has removable legs and is handled with a translifter in factory area or with a semi-trailer on public roads.



Cassettes are an important part when using a translifter system. The cassette supports and protect the cargo under transport and works as a buffer storage.

A Cassette lasts for 20-30 years without any maintenance. Movella´s  cassettes are available for different applications.



The U-Loader from Movella is a safe, simple and easy way to handle inloader flats in concrete element factories. This product eliminates to need for cranes in the warehousing area and is compatible to standard inloader flats.

The U-Loader can be operated by a terminal tractor or a big forklift truck.

Inloader flats

Inloader flats

The inloader flats from Movella are an ideal product for the concrete industry. This makes it possible to transport concrete wall elements with a standard inloader or Movella U-loader.

The inloader flats are strong, lightweight and have optimized cargo area size. Support legs in the front and removable rear wall are optional.

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