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Special solutions with endless possibilities

Heavy handling pioneers

Cometto has for more than 65 years been one of the leading full-range manufacturers of special vehicles for heavy load transport and special transport. The self-propelled vehicles can be used to transport anything exceptionally heavy, long, wide or tall.

Highest payload on the market

Only Cometto offers up to 70t per axle line on its MSPE self-propelled electronic modules. the electronic steering guarantees maximum maneuverability and precision through a +135 / -135° steering angle.

The right choice of accessories

The product line is completed with a full range of accessories available for every challenge. Air filled tires are also standard. Air is by far the prefered media between ground and load. 

The widest range

Cometto is the one and only manufacturer to have this wide range of self-propelled electronic modules in its portfolio. The moduels are 100% interoperability with existing products from the MSPE family.

Safety, availability and efficiency

The MSPE modules are user-friendly operation and easy to program. The continuous software
updates are available and easy to install by the customer himself. High performance level and redundant hardware also defines the products.

The allrounder solution

MSPE 40T/48T

MSPE are a very flexible system which allows to get many different platform configurations, suitable for all types of special transport. They keywords are robust and versatile making them ready for any heavy duty task. 

  • 40-48 ton capacity per axle line

  • Width up to 3 m provides the highest
    stability on the market.

  • Air inflated tires but tubeless or tire fill are an option 

The ground is the limit


MSPE EVO-serien makes it possible to move important heavy loads in small areas in every direction. The series has the biggest payloaf on the market with its 60t and 70t per axle line.

  • Electronic steered rotating slew drives are operated by
    two sophisticated hydraulic motors

  • Strongest and most rigid chassis designed for the heaviest loads 

  • The patented Hydraulic Advanced System enables synchronized lifting pressure and ground loads

Industrial transporters


ETL/ETH from Cometto are specialised pallet
transporters designed for the safe and efficient handling of distributed loads or short and concentrated loads

The vehicles are available with high (ETH) or low (ETL) driving cabs. Both versions provide the best visibility for the correct application.


Uniqueness and problemsolving

Solutions for any transport challenge through experience, flexibility and knowledge. Cometto stands for know-how and expertise from the development to production.

A wide range of accessories

To complete the working field additional features can be added to the MSPE modular axle lines. Obtain the best possible configuration for any type of load and maximize the unique features of the MSPE series.

A state of the art hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is equipped with high accurate safety valves acting independently and automatically in case of pipe damage, for both rigid and flexible pipes.

High-performance Power Pack Units

The widest range of Power Pack Units assures maximum flexibility and always meets the future emission standards. All Power Pack Units have been designed and tested under the hardest conditions.


For long-term surface protection, Cometto relies on a fully coordinated and meticulously optimized surface
treatment system. In addition to this, there is MAXProtect+, which is by far the best protection currently available in the industry.

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