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Unique and variable reach trucks
Superior compared to conventional forklift trucks

Unique telehandlers in size and capacity

The Meclift product line covers 18–42t lifting capacity machinery to logistical operations from loading and unloading containers, airplanes, to container handling – all of them as compact and agile solutions.

A multipurpose machine


ML1812R is the only machine in the lifting capacity range of 18 tons, that can be operated inside containers. In addition to heavy cargo lifting. These are perfect for practically any other material handling needs.

Different kinds of attachments increase opportunities to use one machine for multiple purposes. It lifts 20-feet containers from fork pockets and stacks them up to 3-high.

  • Possibility to drive inside a container

  • Unique reaching ability, reach 2500 mm

  • Low weight, small external dimensions and height

Heavy lifting operation


ML4212RC takes your heavy lifting operations to the next level, on efficiency and safety. They are capable of lifting 42 tons with 1.2m load center, and it can reach up to 3.25 meters and taking the lifting height as high as 7.8 meters. It is superior compared to conventional forklift trucks.

ML4212RC can reach to the end of a standard 20” container and still lift 13 tons, making all logistical maneuvers significantly more comfortable and safer.

  • 7,8 m lifting height as a standard

  • Small turning radius at only 7900 mm

  • Vertically movable cabin for better visibility

High lifting and reaching capability


ML4218RC is capable of lifting 42 tons with 1.8m load centre. It can reach up to 3,25 meters and taking the lifting height as high as 7,8 meters. These machines are designed to help with container loading and unloading. It allows you to do all the heavy lifting into/out of a container on top of a trailer. 

  • The lifting capacity of 42 tons at a load center of 1800 mm

  • 7800 mm lifting height as a standard

  • Small turning radius at only 8600 mm

Perfectly suited for

Meclift variable reach trucks are designed to improve productivity and efficiency in cargo and materials handling. Their set of various attachments make them suitable for a wide range of work phases and industries

Ports & logistics

Metal industry

Paper industry

Stone handling

Innovative materials handling equipment 

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