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Find Your Next Used Terminal Tractor at UnikTruck

At UnikTruck, we always have over 300 machines in stock, including a variety of used terminal tractors. Whether you need a 4×4 or 4×2 terminal tractor, we have the right machine for your specific needs. At UnikTruck, we sell both newer used and used terminal tractors for the port and container industry.

Our range of used terminal tractors covers a wide spectrum with varying specifications such as lifting capacity, year, and brands.

Whether you need a used front-wheel drive terminal tractor or a four-wheel drive terminal tractor, at UnikTruck we can always help find the right used terminal tractor that suits your company, industry, and operation.

Used Terminal Tractor for Container Transport

UnikTruck’s core business involves refurbishing and selling used machines. We can always offer you the right terminal tractor from our stock that fits your budget. We specialize particularly in heavy machinery, making us experts in machines for the port and container industry. At UnikTruck, we can handle lifting tasks that no one else can.

Terminal Tractors from Kalmar, Mol, Terberg, and Mafi

At UnikTruck, we understand that quality and efficiency go hand in hand, contributing to overall operational efficiency. Therefore, we sell terminal tractors from some of the best brands in the industry. We always ensure that we can offer the best used machines to our customers, including used terminal tractors from top suppliers in the market like Kalmar, Terberg, Mol, and Mafi.

Our terminal tractors are refurbished and quality-checked in our own professional workshop. This means you can always be sure of receiving good and sturdy machines for container transport that meet the high Scandinavian standards.

When Should I Use a Terminal Tractor?

A terminal tractor is an efficient and ergonomic solution for transporting and moving containers from point A to B. Terminal tractors are often used at port terminals and in the shipping industry. However, this type of machine can be used for any form of horizontal transport of various goods. The advantage of a terminal tractor is that they are more compact and maneuverable compared to a traditional truck. Terminal tractors are also developed for intensive driving with short intervals.

Used Terminal Tractors Improve Liquidity

The advantage of buying a used terminal tractor – and used machines in general – is that they tie up less liquidity compared to brand-new machines. It is also important to consider how much and for what purpose the machine will be used, which can help decide if a used terminal tractor is the right solution for you and your company.

What’s the Difference Between a 4×2 and a 4×4 Terminal Tractor?

The difference between a 4×2 and a 4×4 terminal tractor is that a 4×2 is front-wheel drive, while a 4×4 operates on all four wheels. Due to its greater pulling power, a four-wheel drive terminal tractor is suitable for handling particularly heavy goods.

Can We Help Find Your New Terminal Tractor?

When buying a terminal tractor, it is important to choose the right model with the exact characteristics suited to the task at hand. It’s particularly crucial to consider how much the machine will be used and how much it needs to pull. Whether you are buying a new or used terminal tractor, proper and professional guidance is often necessary to ensure that you and your company get the right machine for your needs. We therefore have experienced professionals in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany ready to provide advice and guidance for your next purchase.

Whether your company needs to buy or rent a used terminal tractor, we at UnikTruck are ready to offer expert and professional advice on specifications and models to fit your budget and needs.