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Wide selection of used electric forklifts

Find your next electric forklift

Buy Your New Electric Forklift at UnikTruck

At UnikTruck, we always have over 300 machines in stock, ready for immediate delivery. Here you will find a wide selection of electric forklifts in a variety of tonnages and models.

Our range of used electric forklifts is extensive, with various specifications such as lifting capacity, lifting height, and load center. Whether you need a smaller or larger electric forklift, we at UnikTruck can always help find the right truck that suits your business, industry, and operations. We have used and refurbished electric forklifts from 5-16 tons in stock.

Great Deals on Electric Forklifts

UnikTruck specializes in refurbishing and selling used machines. We are particularly specialized in heavy tonnages between 15-85 tons, enabling us to handle tasks that no one else can. Therefore, we always have an electric forklift that fits your budget and needs.

Used Electric Forklifts from Kalmar, Carer, and Hyster

At UnikTruck, we know that quality and efficiency go hand in hand. The best can also come at a good price. We have electric forklifts from some of the most skilled suppliers and most recognized brands in the industry for each segment. Brands such as Hyster, Carer, Kalmar, and Toyota, for example.

All our electric forklifts are refurbished and quality-checked at our own professional workshop. Therefore, you can always be sure of receiving thoroughly checked and solid machines that meet the high Scandinavian standards.

Many Advantages of Buying a Used Electric Forklift

When in the market for a new electric forklift, it’s worth considering whether you actually need a new one. Here, it’s relevant to think about cost-effectiveness and the tasks the machine will perform. At UnikTruck, we have machines for every task. With a used forklift, you tie up less capital while covering the same needs as a factory-new forklift.

Electric Forklifts for a Wide Range of Industries and Tasks

When choosing between different types of propulsion, the advantage of an electric forklift is mainly the significant savings on fuel costs and the clear environmental benefit of green energy.

Electric forklifts come in various sizes, so you can always find a machine that meets your needs. Electric forklifts can also be used both outdoors and indoors. Our used electric forklifts can handle all tasks, including the transportation and moving of items, whether it is horizontal transport or stacking.

Used Electric Forklifts are Good for the Environment

Electric forklifts are not only an environmentally sound choice but also contribute to better working conditions for employees. This type of forklift is quiet and generally offers high driver comfort. Unlike forklifts with combustion engines, electric forklifts emit no harmful substances.

This makes them the ideal choice for both the well-being of your employees and environmental protection.

Should We Find the Perfect Used Electric Forklift for Your Needs?

When buying a forklift, it’s important to choose the right model with the exact characteristics that match the task at hand. Therefore, the right and professional guidance is often necessary to ensure that you and your company get the right forklift that meets your needs. At UnikTruck, we have experienced professionals across Europe ready to provide advice and guidance on your next purchase.

Whether your company needs to buy or rent a used electric forklift, we at UnikTruck are ready to share our many years of experience and professional advice, so you get the right forklift for your budget and needs.

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