UnikTruck A/S is continously striving to become one of the premier suppliers of heavy-duty lifting and container-handling in Europe.

The company was established 10 years ago with a very well defined niche strategi as a specialist in heavy lifting solutions, and the work of the past years has resulted in such a strong financial performace, that the company has been awarded the Børsens Gazellepris 2017. The definition of a gazelle business is that it continously grows and as a minimum doubles its turnover and gross margin in four successive fiscal years. These are the tough basic criteria for becoming a Børsen Gazelle enterprise.

Gazelle companies daily overcome challenges like low growth, demographic headwind and bottleneck problems coming from low supply of trained employees – and yet still succeed in creating business possibilities and growth. They create value for their owners and for the community, which they are a part of. And exactly that is what UnikTruck A/S has been able to live up to. The award is a strong recognition from Dagbladet Børsen (equivalent to the Financial Times in Denmark). The selection is carried out by Greens Analysis and the criteria are objective and are extracted from data from Erhvervsstyrelsen.

We are proud to receive this distinct recognition of growth and success, which is based on our products- and services which generate value for our customers – both in Denmark and internationally. An increasing number of customers all over the world choose to work with us, when it comes to heavy materials-handling and container-handling. We thank all our customers for their trust and loyalty – we will continue to do our best to live up to your confidence.

Please browse our company, products and services at www.uniktruck.com and experience for yourself, how we can help create value for your operation.