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More than 300 used and refurbished forklifts in  stock

UnikTruck is an international big truck trading company. Our vision is to be a global trading company serving the niche-based needs in the machine industry. We specialize in sales and rental of nearly new forklifts and container handlers. At UnikTruck we are experts in the big and heavy machines – the bigger the better. Our stocklist always offers a broad range of electric, LPG, and diesel engines, but forklifts and container handlers from 12-80 tonnes will always be our strongest field of expertise. 

At UnikTruck, we specialize in both new, nearly new, and used diesel forklifts, electric forklifts, container handlers, and all sorts of equipment for heavy handling. Most of our machines are used machines which have been given new life in our renovation workshop, so they meet today’s standards and requirements. Having our own workshop enables us to make customized changes and modifications tailored to individual customer needs. 

All kinds of machines for any operation 

In our stocklist, you will find electric forklifts, diesel forklifts, and LPG forklifts. Which one of these forklift types that will suit you and your business the best depends on where and how often the machine will be in use. Another important factor is the price range, as electric machines are often more expensive than forklifts running on fossil fuels. Diesel forklifts and LPG forklifts will also have a higher range and are more suitable for the heaviest lifts. 

On the stocklist you will also find all kinds of machines for container handling – empty container truck, reachstackers, empty container handlers and laden container handlers. All of these machines are especially designed for all sorts of containerhandling. Since container handlers use different and precise movements on the basis of the job, you can get these machines in a variety of functionalities and features. An empty container truck is made to handle, move, and stack empty containers. Container handlers are on the other hand forklifts, which can be used to effectively stack containers – even when loaded. You can find both empty container trucks, reachstackers, empty container handlers, and laden container handlers on our stocklist. Terminal tractors are also great to move containers at a long distance. These machines are used in many different industries such as port facilities, railways, and logistics to mention a few.  

Also available for immediate delivery is a wide range of equipment for heavy lifting and machine parts. For instance, roll trailers, gooseneck trailers, translifter hydraulic trailers, container movers, lifting frames, and top lift spreaders.  This equipment for heavy-duty operations are all excellent tools to make your operations more efficient and the more difficult tasks easy to move, lift, and handle. You are also able to browse for a new engine, transmission, generator, or other kinds of machine parts for different types of forklifts, reachstackers, terminal tractors and container handlers.   

Why should I buy a used machine? 

When you are in need of a new machine, it can be very beneficial to consider if a used forklift, reachstacker, or any kind of machine can fulfill your needs. When you buy a used machine, it allows you to get the machine much faster than depending on a manufacture or supplier. All our machines are available for immediate delivery all over the world. All our vehicles and equipment are inspected and stocked – ready to be sold and distributedIt is a common mistake to think that used equipment is in bad condition or cannot be used for the heaviest operations. All our vehicles and equipment – both new and used – are carefully inspected and prepared in addition to our customized checklists. This ensures that all our machines in stock are always of the highest quality and meet the highest standards.  

It is also often a cheaper option to buy a used and refurbished forklift because of the fact that you do not pay for expensive production costs and other expensive intermediaries. At UnikTruck we handle everything ourselves – from refurbishment to shipping.  

However, we do not have fixed prices, as we can make allowances for your particular situation and preferences. The prices are discussed and agreed with you before the agreement is final.  

Where are UnikTruck placed and where do you ship to? 

UnikTruck is located in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. The headquarters are located in Odder, Denmark, where we have most of the machines stored. However, we also have experts located in both Sweden and Germany. Because of this, we can ship and deliver machinery all over the world. We have customers all over the world, for instance in Africa, North America, and Europe. This makes UnikTruck an international trading company. Do not hesitate to contact us when you are in need of new machinery.  

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