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Movella U-Loader

Efficient transport and warehousing in the concrete industry

Movella’s U-Loader is designed for internal logistics and can be compared to an inloader in several ways. With this solution, you and your company get a safe, robust and easy way of handling and transporting large concrete elements.
Movella U-Loader
Easy to operate

Easy and responsive driving system

The difference between a standard inloader and Movella’s U-Loader is the trailer’s ability to adapt to the load and not the other way around. When in floating mode the steering gooseneck can automatically align with the flat, which makes the operation faster and courses less wear and tear on the equipment.
Movella U-Loader

Usable for several types of cargo

The robust and simple construction of the U-Loader makes it possible to transport concrete elements of various sizes and types. The open construction also ensures an exceptionally good view for the driver, which makes the trailer an easy-to-use, comfortable and safe way to handle concrete elements.

How to use the Movella U-Loader

Why use the Movella U-Loader

Improves safety

  • Less handling and lifting of elements
  • No need for driver to get out from the cabin
  • Easy to use
  • Cameras, lights and other safety features
  • Good visibility

A great economic and environmental choice

  • 50% faster operation than an inloader for road transports
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Low maintenance
  • More flexible warehousing

Movella sammenlignet med andre løsninger

Movella U-Loader
Conventional inloader
Compatible to standard flats
Open construction and good visibility
The driver can stay in the cabin during loading and unloading
Steering gooseneck helps picking up flats
Maintenance free tyres
Robust and simple construction

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