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Movella CM36 Container Mover

Make you container transport smarter with Movella

Movella has developed an economical and advantageous way of handling containers. The CM36 is particularly suitable for transporting containers over longer distances and passing through narrow and low doors.
Movella CM36 Container Mover

Safe and advantageous transport

Some of the many advantages of the CM36 include exceptionally good visibility for the driver during both transport and when picking a container. The safety lights and several cameras simultaneously contribute to a safe operation.
Movella CM36 Container Mover

A great investment

The CM36 is economical in both operation and maintenance. If, for example, the operation does not consist exclusively of container transport, a CM36 can be the right solution, as it is a smaller machine investment, and the terminal tractor can also be used for the transport of other types of goods.

How to use Movella Container Mover

Why use the Movella Container Mover

Improves safety

  • Excellent visibility
  • The container is close to the ground during transport
  • The containers are transported longitudinally
  • Great visibility when picking a container
  • Lights and the reversing camera make operation safer

A great economic and environmental choice

  • Smaller investment compared to a reachstacker or straddle carrier
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Lower emission and fuel consumption compared to other machines
  • Weight is distributed over three axle lines
  • Eliminates waiting time for the driver

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