We normally trade-in big younger forklifts and reachstackers, but exceptions do happen. We traded-in this unique Towmotor 670 which was built between 1956 and 1973.

For many people in industrial work, forklifts are part of thier everyday life to such an extent, that they almost believe forklifts has always existed. (Forklifts are for many people and work industries a part of their everyday life to such an extent that most people believe that forklifts always have existed.) Yet the forklift is a rather new innovation. For a couple of hundred years back railway was the dominant long-distance solution of transport. In 1906 an officer from Pennsylvania Railroad was the first to put a battery onto a wagon – then the platform truck was born. The first real forklift was afterwards presented in 1910. This was the very first step to revolutionize heavy material handling.

This particular machine was built by Vestergaard in Denmark, under license from Towmotor, and is a real throwback type of forklift. Manual clutch and casted spoke wheels! This Towmotor will be included in our in-house oldtimer museum, which is dominated by American brands, who/that? really shaped the industry which we are in.